Why I Left My Job To Join Stockpile

I left my previous job because I read about Stockpile in USA Today. I came across an article about fintech companies and the way they are disrupting the traditional financial services model. I was working for a prosperous wealth management company at the time and was not looking for another job, but seeing Stockpile’s mission of financial education and inclusive investing for all, it really struck a chord with me.

I did my research on the company, reached out to the CEO, Avi Lele, on LinkedIn and asked if I could be involved in any way possible. We set up a phone call to talk further about why I was so inspired by Stockpile’s story. His passion for Stockpile and the goals of the company matched my fervor to help the younger generation and Millennials’ needs that big broker/dealers still aren’t addressing. A few weeks later, I was packing my bags and heading 3,000 miles away for Silicon Valley to join the Stockpile team.


Stockpile, stocks by the dollar


Daily, Stockpile is gaining legitimacy within the financial technology markets as well as within existing financial services companies. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity invest, not just if you were born with a trust fund or work on Wall Street. Stockpile believes that financial freedom is gained through financial literacy. Do you want to be a part of the future of investing?

If you are interested in joining our awesome team drop an email to hiring@stockpile.com! See the original article on LinkedIn here.



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