September Newsletter

Stockpile Announces Series B 🥂

We are excited to announce a $30 million round of funding led by financial powerhouse Fidelity Investments. We want to take this time to thank YOU – our loyal Stockpile customers. This “Series B” means that we will have the capital to develop new features, grow our company and continue to bring investing to the masses.

Check out the article in the Wall Street Journal!



Stockpile Sweepstakes

This month, we hosted a $500 stock giveaway as part of our Stockpile Sweepstakes. For every referral who opened a Stockpile brokerage account, contestants were given another chance to win $500 of their favorite stock or ETF. Well, the results are in…

Meet the Winner!



Roku Goes Public

Did you hear about the Roku IPO? The streaming software and device manufacturer began trading under the ticker ROKU and has been the best performing IPO this year. Buy any dollar amount of Roku stock on Stockpile!

I want ROKU!!



Improve Your Finances in 10 Days 💸

If you are one of the 60% of Americans that does not have a budget, you are probably in need of a financial overhaul. We want to help you improve your finances in only TEN days. Follow these steps and you will start to see the positive changes pretty quickly:

How to Improve Your Finances in 10 Days!


Download the App

Have you downloaded the Stockpile mobile app yet? We have a ton of features available like auto deposit and the growth calculator which helps you to put investing on autopilot. Download our app now on the App Store or Google Play.


Stockpile, stocks by the dollar


Invite Your Friends & Fam

If you want the people you love to grow their wealth, make sure you invite them to join Stockpile. Send your crew free stock in their favorite company on us to get them started. Everyone deserves the chance to invest their dolla dolla bills!

Invite Your Peeps!


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