What is float? In the financial world, there are at least two different meanings of the word “float.” One refers to money that is counted twice for a brief amount of time due to delays in processing checks; the other refers to the number of a company’s outstanding shares that is available to the public [...]



What is fraud? Fraud refers to any evasive action that is designed to provide one (usually the perpetrator) with illegal profit. Fraud can happen anywhere, from finance and real estate to investment and insurance. For this article, we will focus on fraudulent activities in investment. Investment fraud can have many faces, all of which put [...]


What is forfeiture? In general, when you forfeit something, you lose your right or privilege to it. Forfeiting your right to own something usually happens when you don’t meet the qualifications. It is the same with investing. The minute you fail to meet the terms of purchase for a company’s shares, you lose or forfeit [...]

Financial Statements

What are financial statements? In the world of investing, one of the most valuable resources is a company’s “financial statements.” They give you an accurate, data-backed picture of a company’s financial health for a given period. From this data, you can analyze whether a stock is a good buy or not. Financial statements are to [...]

Federal Budget

What is a federal budget? Just as you would need a plan or a budget to ensure that you have enough money to pay for the essential things like rent, electricity or savings, governments need what’s called a “federal budget.” A federal budget is an itemized plan that shows how much taxpayer money should fund [...]


What is abeyance? The word abeyance is something that you don't hear every day and can be a bit intimidating. To put it in its most straightforward form, abeyance refers to a state of limbo or temporary inactivity until ownership can be fully determined. In the strictest terms, “abeyance” applies to the situation in which [...]