What is an invoice? An invoice is a document that keeps a record of a sale. It lists vital information about a transaction such as date of purchase, mode of payment, and items purchased. Fraudsters have devised ways to get money out of companies through invoice fraud, so beware. When you purchase an item in [...]


Mass production

What is mass production? Mass production is the process of manufacturing a tremendous number of similar products in the shortest period possible. It uses special-purpose machine tools that are systematically arranged to achieve a continuous flow of production. This system reduces a tremendous amount of human labor by incorporating a sequence of machines into the [...]

Middle Class

What is the middle class? The middle class is a group of people who fall between the upper level and the working class. The broadest definition includes everyone but the poorest 20% and the wealthiest 20%. This group constitutes more than half of the American population. Although German philosopher Karl Marx first used the term [...]


What is a landlord? Landlords loan their properties to other individuals in exchange for payment called “rent.” The person who rents out a landlord's home, apartment, condominium, or land is called a “tenant.” The demand for single-family rental properties remains high, especially that American household continues to increase. A landlord is a person or a [...]


What is malfeasance? Malfeasance is an illegal activity performed by an administrator that causes intentional harm to its members. Corporate-related malfeasance harms investors usually by defrauding them. Applying illegal plots such as a Ponzi scheme is one way to commit an act of malfeasance. What is corporate malfeasance? Although the term often refers to government [...]


What is an import? Imports are goods or services from another country brought to your own for sale. They allow countries access to scarce, nonexistent, or low-quality assets or services. Taxes imposed on import goods and services can affect the prices of stocks. When you get goods or services from another country and then bring [...]

Account Manager

What is an account manager? Account managers oversee the needs of the client. They ensure excellent client relationships for the company. Handle customer care, technical service, or processing upgrades. Help the company save time and money by taking care of its existing clients. An account manager is responsible for the regular management of a client’s [...]