What is an invoice? An invoice is a document that keeps a record of a sale. It lists vital information about a transaction such as date of purchase, mode of payment, and items purchased. Fraudsters have devised ways to get money out of companies through invoice fraud, so beware. When you purchase an item in [...]


Clearing house

What is a clearing house? A “clearing house” acts as a middleman who secures the fulfillment of transactions between buyers and sellers within a stock market. To “clear” these transactions, they play the role of a buyer when facing a seller and vice versa while taking full responsibility for the completion of a deal. The [...]

Mass production

What is mass production? Mass production is the process of manufacturing a tremendous number of similar products in the shortest period possible. It uses special-purpose machine tools that are systematically arranged to achieve a continuous flow of production. This system reduces a tremendous amount of human labor by incorporating a sequence of machines into the [...]

Circuit Breaker

What is a circuit breaker? A “circuit breaker” is a system that limits the risk of buying and selling within a stock market. When the market price of the particular commodity or currency increases or decreases more than expected, a circuit breaker kicks in, which momentarily stops all trading. Circuit breakers are used in economies [...]


What is a chattel? A personal possession or tangible, moveable, personal asset. Etymologically speaking, chattel comes from French word "chatel" derived from Latin meaning "property or goods." These properties are not attached to any foundations, unlike real properties and fixtures. Generally, a chattel property is accounted for differently because its value rapidly depreciates. Its price [...]


What is closing? When traders or investors talk about closing, they do not mean stopping their businesses. Instead, the term closing refers to the end of trading hours of the stock market. While closing hours vary with the location where the stock market is operating, usually closing means the end of the New York Stock [...]


What is float? In the financial world, there are at least two different meanings of the word “float.” One refers to money that is counted twice for a brief amount of time due to delays in processing checks; the other refers to the number of a company’s outstanding shares that is available to the public [...]