Neural Network

What is a neural network? As computers become more and more powerful, have you ever wondered if the day would come that these could imitate our brain's operations? Well, that day may not be too distant anymore. In fact, it's already here because of neural networks. With neural networks, computers can now copy some of [...]


Normal Distribution

What is normal distribution? The most common way to understand volatility is through a statistical technique called standard deviation. For standard deviation to be correct, the performance of an investment option should follow a normal distribution. If you own individual stocks, you might notice that they experience constant price changes over a given period, while [...]


What is fraud? Fraud refers to any evasive action that is designed to provide one (usually the perpetrator) with illegal profit. Fraud can happen anywhere, from finance and real estate to investment and insurance. For this article, we will focus on fraudulent activities in investment. Investment fraud can have many faces, all of which put [...]


What is forfeiture? In general, when you forfeit something, you lose your right or privilege to it. Forfeiting your right to own something usually happens when you don’t meet the qualifications. It is the same with investing. The minute you fail to meet the terms of purchase for a company’s shares, you lose or forfeit [...]

Middle Class

What is the middle class? The middle class is a group of people who fall between the upper level and the working class. The broadest definition includes everyone but the poorest 20% and the wealthiest 20%. This group constitutes more than half of the American population. Although German philosopher Karl Marx first used the term [...]


What is a check?         A written order to a bank to transfer money directly from one account holder's bank to the recipient's.         Through the check system, two or more parties can make monetary transactions without using actual currency like cash.         In some parts of the world, the word "cheque" is used. The format of a [...]

Odd Lot

What is an odd lot? An odd lot may sound like an odd concept, but it is easy to understand. If you have less than 100 shares of stock or any amount of stock between 1 to 99 shares, you are said to have an “odd lot.” Comparatively, if you have stocks in multiples of [...]